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Mitra Max Raw Kratom

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Mitra Max Raw Kratom - A Strain for Every Consumer

Mitra Max Raw Kratom - A Strain for Every Consumer

With Kratom products gaining wide-spread acceptance in the United States, consumers of kratom are becoming more sophisticated in their needs and in their demands. This includes preferences for specific kratom strains which users can use to custom tailor to their personal supplement regimens. With Red, White and Green strains available in both capsule and powder form, Mitra Max gives kratom users the ultimate in dosing control.

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Mitra Max 100% Pure M. Speciosa Kratom

Mitra Max’ 100% pure M. Speciosa kratom leaf extract contains no additives or fillers and their exclusive, fully sterilized supply is tested for alkaloid content and consistency by third-party laboratories. All three of Mitra Max’ strains are sustainably grown and harvested in Indonesia, and the final retail packages are packed in a GMP-compliant facility in the United States.

Mitra Max’ kratom products are produced using only Maeng Da kratom, the most potent variety available, which contains high concentrations of the two most active ingredients in kratom supplements, the alkaloids 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. Unlike other kratom products, no additional herbs are blended in, which is ideal for discerning customers who may have sensitivities to other substances or who are concerned about unintended interactions between supplements.

Who Uses Mitra Max?

Users of Mitra Max Maeng Da and other kratom products use them for relief from hangovers, mood and energy boosting, focus enhancement, chronic pain relief, muscle fatigue recovery after workouts, and more everyday problems. Many users have also turned to kratom for help with opioid withdrawal because it acts on the same receptors in the body.

Athletes report positive effects when using kratom to increase stamina, reduce muscle fatigue, and enhance focus. Mitra Max’ premium Maeng Da powders can be easily blended into post-workout protein shakes or added to a water bottle to make hydration additionally beneficial. As a rest-day nutritional supplement, both the powdered and capsule forms can be incorporated into recovery-aiding supplement regimens. As such, retailers catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts may see increased demand for kratom products as knowledge of them proliferates.

Targeted to the Health and Wellness Crowd

Mitra Max is marketed toward the health-conscious consumer looking for all-natural supplements and home remedies. Mitra Max’ capsule and powder products are sold in bulk units similar to other health supplements as they are intended to be incorporated into an individual’s ongoing health and wellness regimen alongside vitamins, herbal supplements, and nutraceuticals. This is in contrast to kratom products aimed at the recreational user who may just pick up some capsules sporadically or as the need arises, often sold in small packages of one or two capsules.

Red, White or Green Maeng Da Kratom?

Users of all three strains of Maeng Da report differing effects from each:

Users of Red Maeng Da report pain relief, enhanced feelings of relaxation, and positive impacts on quality of sleep for sufferers of insomnia.

Users of White Maeng Da report a more stimulating effect, and positive mood enhancements, commonly being used as an alternative to caffeine.

Users of Green Maeng Da note that the experience falls somewhere between the red and white strains, offering a more balanced effect which prompts some users to turn to green strains when a calm, focused state of mind is desired.

At boutique retailers, consumers can be encouraged both to stock up on separate strains for specific uses, and also advised that blending of strains can further refine the effects and experience, truly allowing for personalized kratom regimens.

How and Where to Offer Mitra Max

All three strains of Mitra MaxMaeng Da kratom are available as 500mg capsules or as premium powder in a wide-mouth jar which facilitates easy access for scooping. Capsules are available in 75-count, 150-count, and 300-count bottles and can be purchased as individual retail units or by the case:

Mitra Botanical Kratom Options

Kratom is legal in most states with the exception of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and Washington DC. Some regional restrictions or exceptions may apply based on local ordinances.